Stour Valley Dog Training
Stour Valley Dog Training

General Terms and Conditions

Activity specific terms and conditions will be made available on booking

Classes/consultations will run regardless of the weather conditions.  Exception will be made in extreme conditions, where the wellbeing of the dogs is considered to be at risk. Exceptions will be at our discretion.


If the activity is cancelled due to the weather, consultations will be rescheduled/classes will be added to the end of the course. No refunds will be offered for cancelled classes/training, other than in exceptional circumstances.


The use of slip leads, choke chains, check chains, electric shock collars (also known as e-collars), vibrating collars, prong collars, water sprays, rattle cans, devices using compressed air, or any other devices designed to work by causing discomfort or pain to a dog will not be accepted.  It is recommended that you use a flat collar or fitted harness and a fixed length lead. Fitted harnesses should be of such design that they do not impede movement of the dog's shoulders. "Y" or "H" shape harnesses are recommended.


All dogs are required to wear a tag, attached to a collar or harness when off the keeper's premises, bearing the keeper's surname and address, as required by the Control of Dogs Order 1992.


Please keep your dog on a short lead at all times other than when instructed by your trainer. If you are unable to demonstrate a reliable recall, you will be asked to keep your dog on a lead. A long line may be used in this situation.


It is the responsibility of each dog handler to clean up any dog mess (inside and outside) and take it away with them if there are no facilities for disposal on site.


If your dog is unwell, and there is a possibility that the illness may be contagious, you are requested to information Stour Valley Dog Training before the consultation/not to bring your dog to class. Consultations will be rescheduled if necessary. For classes, you are welcome to attend without your dog so you can see what we have covered.


It is essential that Stour Valley Dog Training is informed prior to completing your booking if your dog has ever shown aggression to a human or another dog as we may be unable to accept such dogs for private or group training. If we have not been informed in advance, your consultation or class booking will be terminated and no refund will be offered. However, alternative arrangements may be appropriate so contact us to discuss.


Stour Valley Dog Training will reasonably endeavour to run all activities in a safe and professional manner.  Any physical activity carries risk and participation any activity is entirely at the risk of the participant.  Stour Valley Dog Training has public liability and professional indemnity insurance suitable for dog training activities.  However, neither Stour Valley Dog Training, nor the owners/landlords/management of our training venues accept any responsibility, whatsoever, for any injuries or losses sustained which are not covered by Stour Valley Dog Training’s insurance.


Stour Valley Dog Training will adhere to the following legislation (and subsequent amendments):

            Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

            Control of Dogs Order 1992

            Animal Welfare Act 2006

     Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015

            Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005


Stour Valley Dog Training reserves the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.