Stour Valley Dog Training
Stour Valley Dog Training

1 to 1 Training

My 1 to 1 Training is suitable for people who are unable to find classes at a convenient time or location, or who are unable to commit to attending for six weeks.


It is also the better training option if your puppy or dog finds it difficult to work in a class environment or is uncomfortable being close to other dogs.


All 1 to 1 training is completely tailored to your's and your dog's requirements.  Maybe you are looking for a general training package (such as you would received in a class environment) or you would like help with particular aspects of training, such as loose lead walking, recall, jumping up, demanding attention, being home alone, and many others.


After an initial telephone conversation about your puppy or dog and what you wish to achieve, I will arrange to visit you either in your home or out in a suitable public area. You may only require one session with me.  However, if you are looking for general training or the issue is more complex, then we can agree a training package.  Your dog's needs are at the centre of all training that I offer.


My prices for this service are £40 for the first session, which lasts about 1½ hours, and £25 for  follow-up sessions of 1 hour.


Or save £10 by booking a block of 3 sessions for £80 (payable at the first session).

Getting started with your new puppy

If you have just brought a new puppy into your family, I offer a package of advice and training to get  you started on the right track.


I will advise on house training, appropriate use of a crate or pen, setting boundaries for your puppy's behaviour, building their confidence, equipment you may need.  I will also work with you on some basic manners, including recall, not jumping up, discouraging puppy biting, giving up items when asked, learning impluse control and being comfortable when handled and groomed.  If your puppy is vaccinated and able to go out, I can also help with walking on the lead.


My prices for this service are £40 for the first session, which lasts about 1½ hours, and £25 for  follow-up sessions of 1 hour.


Or save £10 by booking a block of 3 sessions for £80 (payable at the first session).

Dog Walking

If you can't walk your dog for any reason, or to break up their day when they are home alone, then I can go to your house and take them out for a walk.


I offer this as a regular service, or just occasionally when I'm needed.


I only walk one dog at a time, or multiple dogs from the same household.  Therefore, you can be sure they get my undivided attention and all walks are tailored to suit your dog's needs; whether your dog is young and needs to burn off energy, or old and is happy to plod around slowly sniffing everything; whether they like to meet and play with other dogs, or prefer to visit places where they are less likely to meet dogs.  Dogs will only be exercised off lead with your consent and at my discretion, depending on the reliability of their recall.


Encouraging polite behaviour is part of all walks I offer, but if there is a particular training issue your dog struggles with then I can incorporate that into the walk. This might typically include loose lead walking, recall, polite greeting of dogs and humans or passing distractions.


If I walk your dog on a regular basis, I will always endeavour to take them to a variety of places rather than the same place every time (subject to the length of walk and their willingness to travel in my car).


My prices for walking are £10 for 30 minutes or £15 for a hour.

Home  Visits

This service is suitable if you needed to leave your dog at home for longer than usual but didn't need them to be walked.


Also suitable for younger puppies who should not be left alone for more than a couple of hours.


This may be a regular service or just a one-off as required.


I will visit your dog or puppy, take them into the garden, play with them and maybe do some training.  Or, if they prefer, give cuddles and just sit with them.


My prices for this service are £10 for 30 minutes or £15 for an hour.